Top 10 Reasons for Attending a Cosmetology School

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Breaking Down the Benefits of a Career in Cosmetology

With the price of education being at an all-time high, many people wonder if the traditional four-year collegiate program is even worth it. The average student debt in the United States is over $32,000, according to the Federal Reserve. Even with a degree, most graduates enter the workforce earning entry-level pay due to their lack of on-the-job experience. It can take several years before a person is in a position to be able to make a dent in their student loan debt.

This isn’t to say that the education system is completely broken. Quite the contrary. Trade schools have proven to be efficient in preparing their graduates to enter the workforce with the added benefit of being extremely cost-effective. The timeline for completing trade school is also shorter than a four-year degree since the focus is on one set of skills that pertain to the trade. Beauty school, for instance, takes an average of around 1,500 hours to complete, depending on your state’s licensing guidelines.

To shed a little light on the benefits of cosmetology school, we’re breaking things down into a top ten list so you know what you can expect when you enroll.

#1 – High Demand For Your Talents

Think about it…practically everyone you know gets their hair cut, colored, and styled on a regular basis. Hair care, esthetics, and makeup artistry are in demand in every corner of the world. Unless people learn how to do these things themselves, the demand for these services isn’t going anywhere.

#2 – Enter the Workforce Immediately

There is no doubt that you will be able to use the education and skills you develop when attending cosmetology school. Unlike other degree types, cosmetology school specifically prepares you to enter the workforce so that you can hit the ground running. Most graduates have their job lined up not long after they get certified.

#3 – Learn Several Different Skills

Although hair cutting and styling is the focus of cosmetology school, you’ll learn quite a bit more than that. Makeup artistry, electrology, skin care, nail technology, and esthetics are usually all part of the curriculum.

#4 – Learn From the Best

You’re only as good as your teacher, and most cosmetology schools make a point to invest in their instructors. That means getting some of the most world-renowned stylists and cosmeticians on staff to teach their students. They will typically have many years of experience along with a full catalogue of high-profile clientele. You will be learning from the best so that you can one day become the best.

#5 – Make Connections

One of the best parts of cosmetology school isn’t just the skills you learn, it’s the connections that you make along the way. Not only are you going to make connections with industry leading experts, but your fellow students as well.

#6 – Shortened Educational Timeline

As previously mentioned, the time it will take you to graduate from cosmetology school is roughly 1,500 hours. If you are diligent, you can easily accomplish that in under two years. That means you’re entering the workforce two years earlier than your four-year degree university counterparts.

#7 – Reduced Educational Costs

Cosmetology school is no different from a four-year university and that it is going to cost money. Trade schools aren’t free. However, cosmetology school generally runs far less than what you would encounter with a traditional university. Taking on less debt is never a bad thing.

#8 – Learn How to Run a Business

As a licensed cosmetologist, you will have a couple of options when it comes to seeking gainful employment. You can go work for an established salon that’s looking for new talent. Or, you can start your own business and work for yourself. Cosmetology school prepares you for either path, and teaches you the ins and outs of what’s involved with being self-employed.

#9 – Learn How to Get Clients

The toughest part of cosmetology is getting started. You will be entering an entirely new world – but fear not – the clients you seek are out there. As we mentioned, the demand for cosmetology and styling services isn’t going down. In cosmetology school you will learn how to identify that market and take some of it for yourself.

#10 – Learn How to Retain Clients and Get Referrals

Getting clients is easy. Retaining clients so that they become loyal to you and you only – that’s the challenge. Ideally, you want your business to become so successful that you booked out for months on end. In cosmetology school, you will learn how to turn a handful of clients into a legion with a combination of consistent performance, daring artistry, and strategic marketing of your talents.

Start Your Education Today as a Cosmetologist!

There’s no better time to start than now. The field of cosmetology is already booming and estimated to keep growing for years to come. As a licensed cosmetologist, your services will be in-demand and profitable once you grow out your base of clientele. A great way to get started is to perform a web search for “cosmetology school near me.” That will usually bring up several locations where you can enroll and get started on becoming a licensed cosmetologist.



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