Top Three Tips to Plan an Awesome Outdoor Wedding That Your Guests Will Rave About

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Planning an outdoor wedding that you and your guests will rave about is a dream hard to come true. It is tempting to get seduced by pretty ocean views, rolling hills, floral splendor, and other aspects of the outdoor venue. If you live in southern California, you will see that more than 90% of wedding events have an outdoor component, which also calls for the perfect set of rave clothing. The mild climate throughout the year makes us fall in love with pretty scenery and the blue skies. However, it takes so much more than running for the hills and pretty music in the background to arrange the perfect outdoor wedding scenario. Read on about our top essential tips to ensure that your outdoor wedding goes off without difficulty.

Plan One Step Ahead of Mother Nature

Regardless of the time of the year, you are planning your wedding. If your goal is to have an outdoor wedding, you need to consider Mother Nature’s unpredictability, which means that you need a plan B in case of rain/ wind/ heat/ snow/ hail. In other words, you need to have a contingency plan ready in case Mother Nature takes an unexpected turn. It is recommended to check in with your venue and have an alternative indoor space ready, just in case. If you are at ab all-outdoor venue, ensure that a tent is reserved for dealing with an urgent situation. The key is to plan! We know that d├ęcor plays a crucial role in wedding events. However, you have to be careful about avoiding candles and paper goods as these don’t mix well with the wind. In place of candles, you can opt to add chimneys to the taper candles so that they stay lit throughout the ceremony.

Stand on Level Graded Ground

In our daily life, we make level ground for granted. If you look at professional venues, all of them have arranged their level ground events, which are not a common sight in private residences and parks and rustic outdoor spaces. Instead of laying out wobbly chairs and tables, it is recommended to include a temporary flooring spread throughout the entire wedding area. We know that the addition of flooring can be a bit costly. However, it will provide your guests with the best experience by creating a comfortable environment for them. You might also want to include sunglasses, sunblock cream, and snacks in the guests’ goody bags while they ride from the station to the venue.

Don’t Invite the Bugs to Your Wedding.

While ensuring a level graded ground, take extra precautions to disinvite the bugs. If you have ever been invited to an oceanfront wedding, you might have had the experience of buzzing mosquitoes. While planning an outdoor wedding, double-check with the venue to ensure that they can spray a day before the event keeps the bugs at bay. We would recommend including a couple of bug-killing cans in your toiletry baskets to have one handy if the little pest is biting you and your guests.


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