Top Tips for Hosting a Bridal Fashion Show

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Even though people are choosing to move away from the tradition of marriage in the modern era, there are still many who want to take part in it to celebrate their love and mark their commitment to one another. The wedding industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, and bridal fashion is a huge part of that. All brides want to look their most beautiful on their big day, and there are plenty of fabulous designs out there for them to choose from. If you are a designer who is putting on their first bridal fashion show, or you at the one in charge of orchestrating this event, here are a few top tips for you to keep in mind.

Set a Romantic Setting

While the gowns will of course take center stage, don’t neglect to set the right atmosphere for the show with the right décor and stage design. As this type of show caters to those who are getting married, choosing a romantic theme will work well. Soft colors such as creams, whites, and pinks would work well, and perhaps use bolder colors to create an eye-catching contrast. Floral arrangements lining the catwalk would work well too, provided that they don’t obstruct the view for the audience. Put soft lighting in the seating area, with the brighter lights highlighting the models as they show off the dresses.

Live Music

You might prefer to use a playlist when the models are walking the catwalk as a live band might be too distracting, but after the show, live music can help to create the perfect ambiance and make the show feel like more of a special event. You could even source local wedding bands to help promote them as well as your fashion, especially if the show is going to be at a wedding convention. Alive Network wedding entertainment is a good place to find great weddings bands that could complement your show.

Create a Lookbook for Guests

Another thing you should think about doing for your bridal fashion show is creating a lookbook that your guests can take away with them. Include all of the gowns that were presented in the show, with details on how much each one costs and contact details in case anyone would like to enquire about a dress. You could also add recommendations on how to accessorize this dress and suggestions on hairstyles and make-up that would work well with the style.

Marketing and Promotion

You might have planned an outstanding bridal show, but if no one knows about it your efforts will be wasted. Utilize your social media channels to promote the show, offer discounted tickets for competition winners, and reach out to wedding bloggers and members of the press who can help to raise awareness.

You should also invite them to see the show so that they can write an article about the fashion they have seen and the overall experience, as this could help your brand gain a wider following.


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