Types Of Blouses You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

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Blouses have become a fashion accessory to be worn with a sari. The blouses can be stitched in various styles in combination with many designs and fabrics. The blouses are generally worn these days with contrast or mix and match combinations. Therefore, there are some styles and types of blouses you must have in your wardrobe.

The blouses can vary in many ways with respect to the blouse sleeve designs, neck patterns, various cuts, the length of the blouse, wearing pattern of the blouse etc. To set proper combinations with your saris, there are a few types of blouses which you must have in your wardrobe.

The ‘must have’ blouses of your wardrobe

· Formal blouses – You should have some formal blouses depending upon the type of professional you are. For formal styles, you can choose a sober color for a blouse. You may stitch the blouse with a high neck, or a Chinese color, or a boat neck. These neck designs can be combined with either simple half sleeves or full sleeves. The formal blouses can also b worn on some formal dinner evenings or family get together.

· Trendy fusion blouses – You should possess some fusion blouses. These blouses can be stitched with sexy neck designs like halter neck, deep neck, dori pattern, one shoulder pattern, strapless blouses etc. These blouses are best fit for wedding receptions and parties. Such designs can be combined with nice accessories which will enhance your beauty.

· Festive Ethnic – For some traditional occasions, you should have some multicolored blouses or traditional blouses stitched with a fusion. You may choose some vibrant colors. The blouses can be stitched with a deep U or V back neck. You can choose the length of the blouse you are comfortable with. Also, you may stitch the sleeves of blouse as per the look you want to flaunt.

· Shimmer Blouses – The shimmer cloth gives a nice shine which will enhance the beauty of your sari. You can get any color fabric in shimmer, be it red, maroon, golden, silver, black or white, it will definitely go with any chiffon or any heavy sari. The shimmer blouses can be worn on any occasions like weddings, parties, dinner evenings with friends etc.

· Traditional blouse – The traditional blouses are typically designed with zari border, jama work, booti work, golden embroidery etc. The traditional blouses can be stitched in either simple designed or trendy designs. These blouses will always look nice as they are already stitched with charmingly beautiful colors. These blouses are the evergreen type of blouses, which can be worn on any occasions.

· Your own style – Other than the above given styles and patterns, you should always have the blouses which you like the most. You can design your own flavor as per your love for fashion. Blouses, which are designed by you will give you a confident look.

Blouses are the important part of a wardrobe. The saris not only make you look beautiful, but it also makes you the center of attraction of any event. So, choose your favorite patterns and stitch different blouses.


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