Types of Ladies Wallets to Improve Your Fashion This Holiday Season

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Is it time to treat yourself to a brand-new wallet, or are you hoping to gift one to a lady in your life for the next big event coming up? Regardless of the reason to buy one, a great wallet could be key to improving your fashion sense for the future.

That being said, it’s not easy to buy a wallet these days. For luxury lovers, the increase in luxury brands means you could go from looking at the wide range of Louis Vuitton’s wallets all the way to the wallets online and not get anywhere. The key is to know what style of wallet you want, and then find the right wallet within these styles.

Personally, I prefer making a more viable investment into my wallet and improving my overall look with luxury options, for the best return on my investment. This is a personal choice, but if you’re really going to treat yourself or someone you love, it’s a great option.

Before committing to any of these wallet styles, remember to know how the current wallet is used and what’s lacking.

Bi-Fold Women’s Wallets

When it comes to ladies wallets, every single designer brand offers this.  It is a wallet that folds into two parts. These styles of wallets are amongst the most used styles of wallets, and they are often buttoned or pinned to stop them from falling open. There is space for card slots, cash and coins. They easily fit into handbags of all sizes and can even go into your pockets.

Bifold wallets may have come around in the 1950s with the invention of credit cards, but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for the traditional style. Certain designer brands have the traditional look on offer, but most have expanded to allow for hidden cash spaces, more card space and smaller coin areas to change with modern sensibilities.

Tri Fold Women’s Wallets

These are wallets for women with a lot to carry. These wallets fold out into three sections, meaning more space for cards. These wallets, although useful for the woman on the go, aren’t great if you want something with less bulk, but are worth it for the space.

For women’s wallets, tri-folds don’t often fold out horizontally as you might think. Instead, they fold out vertically, looking closer to a clutch bag to a trifold. This makes it a uniquely great choice for gift giving, especially for the women who carry all their cards, cash and coins with them everywhere.

RFID Blocking Wallets

In today’s day and age, it’s easier to have your card details stolen than ever before. To circumvent this, wallets now come with RFID-blocking features. This means that card readers will not be able to get to your card information for fraudulent reasons, and protects you from identity theft.

RFID or radio frequency identification is the digital data embedded in your card that allows you to tap to pay, and these are then read by readers via radio waves. To block these signals RFID blocking wallets use a layer of aluminium or carbon fibre to block the signals emitted from your card, effectively keeping the information safe. This material is sewn into the wallet and you’ll never know it’s there.

Accordion Wallets 

These are unique types of wallets that open up to look similar to an accordion. These styles of wallets were designed solely to allow for a slim way to carry many cards. Due to this capacity, you can store cash, cards, receipts and small notes comfortably. These are great for the women who just don’t need the fuss of coins and want an easy-to-access minimal design.

For a great example of why accordion wallets are great, look at the versatile Louis Vuitton Lou Wallet. This small, square wallet features a space-saving design and opens up to reveal six card slots, a bill compartment, and a bonus zipped card slot on the side. These wallets come in soft lambskin and feature Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram.


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