Wanderlust Blogger Shares About Her Trips and Different Cuisines

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Teona “Wanderlust” has her own fashion business for 6 years and she has been sharing her travel experiences through her blog and Instagram. She is from Georgia (a small country near Russia) but has been living in London for the past 11 years. She is married and has two grown up kids plus a golden cockapoo called Poppy which she regards as her third kid. She loves travelling and tasting different cuisines then sharing her thoughts with her followers. You can read about her past trips to Thailand, California, New York, Mexico, French Polynesia and of course Georgia, and stay tuned for her upcoming trips planned to the Amalfi coast, Georgia, Ibiza, South of France, Portugal, LA and Bali. If you are planning one of those trips or just interested in travelling, food, etc., you will definitely enjoy Teona’s photo-journal. Her feed is full of fantastic captures and interesting information about varios cities she has been to. Wanna see some of them now? Just scroll down and wander around the world with Teona!


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