What Not To Wear When Going To A Wedding

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The good news is that wedding dress codes are much less restrictive than in the past. You have so much freedom when compared to years ago. However, this does not mean that you should wear anything that comes to mind. It is really important to be dressed in a way that is respectful or you will upset the bride and groom. This is definitely not something you want. Because of this, here are some really important things to remember about what not to wear when you go to a wedding. 

Do Not Wear White

This should be common sense but, unfortunately, it is not. Always avoid white, off-white and even pale blue. It is completely true that a white dress can look cute but a wedding is not the place for it. The bride usually only cares about one thing and this is it. There is a pretty good possibility that the bride will wear white and she is the only one that should wear white. If you want to wear something that is appropriate, go for a neutral color. 

Not Respecting Dress Code

You might have just bought a really nice pair of shoes or a great dress but ask yourself if it is appropriate when there is a dress code in place. It is always a better idea to overdress but you have to be aware of what is considered to be appropriate and what is not. You wouldn’t want to wear a full tux in the event you attend a country-themed backyard wedding. Casual outfits are much better in that case. 

Do Not Wear Sweats

Although you might be attending a casual wedding, this is not the type of event where sweats are ok. Remember that it is actually always a very good idea to be more overdressed. In the event that you are worried about how comfortable you will be, use an outfit that is made out of a natural, soft fabric. Cotton is usually a good choice. 

Do Not Wear Denim

You might love to wear a pair of jeans but they are always too casual for a wedding. Also, why should you wear denim at a wedding since it can be worn every single day? Don’t you want to wear something more special? As an alternative, why not try a completely different material, like linen? You can always wear blue. 

As A Man, Never Wear Shorts

Few women would ever consider wearing shorts to a wedding but there is a surprising number of men that do so when they hear the words “casual wedding”. It does not matter if the weather is really hot. You can surely handle everything on this important day. If you have problems with heat, lightweight linen pants work great. 

Know When To Cover Shoulders

Is the wedding ceremony scheduled in an institution that has a stricter dress code? If so, you have to be respectful. Try to cover shoulders as much as possible and cover yourself since this is always expected. A shawl can easily help you deal with such situations. 

Do Not Wear Cargo Pants

If your choice is to wear pants, make sure you do not wear some that have cargo pockets. It should be pretty obvious why this is a bad idea. When you want to wear some pants, a coordinating suit works wonders. 


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